Regional Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiology with the Subunit of Endovascular Therapy


The Regional Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiology with the Subunit of Endovascular Therapy was one of the first vascular departments in Poland. It was established in 1961 by Professor Stefan Bąk, MD, PhD. He was the first head of the Department and one of the pioneers of vascular surgery in Poland.

From 1982, the Department was headed by Professor Andrzej Cencora, MD, PhD, one of the most outstanding specialists in Poland, a long-time regional consultant in vascular surgery for the Lesser Poland province, the representative of Poland in the European Society of Vascular Surgery.

From 2006, the Department was headed by Tomasz Mrowiecki, MD, PhD, a student of Professor Stefan Bąk and a long-time deputy of Professor Andrzej Cencora.

From 1st July 2013, the Department was headed by Maciej Zaniewski, MD, PhD, also a consultant in vascular surgery for the Lesser Poland province.

On 1st July 2019, Maciej Chwała, MD, PhD was appointed the Head of the Regional Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiology.

The Department is a leading centre for the treatment of vascular diseases, performing elective and emergency operations to treat aneurysms of the abdominal aorta. We provide surgical treatment to patients with lower limbs obliterative atheromatosis, arterial embolism, thrombosis and arterial injuries.

The Department is a secondary referral centre, and therefore it admits patients with early and late complications after vascular procedures performed in the entire Lesser Poland province. These treatments require the greatest experience in vascular surgery. We provide our patients with quick and reliable diagnostics, professional treatment and early rehabilitation.

The Laboratory of Intravascular Therapy was established in 2004. It performs highly specialized endovascular procedures, which are the least invasive form of treatment of atherosclerosis (stent implantation, endovascular endarterectomy, balloon angioplasty).

The Department has a modern operating suite equipped with the C-arm for hybrid vascular surgery. The equipment also allows to extend the scope of procedures to include patients with high operational risk and more advanced diseases of the peripheral arteries.

For years, the Regional Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiology has been on the list of the Ministry of Health centres authorized to educate doctors in the field of vascular surgery and angiology. The Department offers internships in vascular surgery for doctors from various surgical and non-surgical disciplines. Since the beginning of training in this specialization, over a dozen specialists from the Lesser Poland province have been trained in the Department.

Many years of experience of our doctors and nurses resulted in excellent treatment results. Our qualified and experienced staff pays special attention to appropriate diagnostics and then selecting the most suitable therapeutic programs.

The Department also conducts educational activities: for students, family doctors and training for specialization. Under the patronage of our Department, several dozen scientific papers were published in various specialist journals, and presented at scientific congresses in Poland and abroad. In the opinion of the National Supervision Authority, the Department is a model centre to treat diseases of the peripheral vessels.

Patients are admitted to the Department under an agreement with the National Health Fund.

See the admission procedure to the Department.

Contact us:

Information and contact: hospital building B, 3rd floor, Lift III

Head of the Department: Maciej Chwała, MD, PhD

Deputy Head: Jacek Radwan, MD, PhD

Head nurse: Renata Szlachta

Front office: 12 379 71 28

Physicians’ duty-room: 12 379 71 31

Nurse’s station: 12 379 71 33, 12 379 71 34

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