About the procedure

Capillaroscopy is an simple, non-invasive diagnostic technique of microcirculation. It examines the condition of capillaries in the nailfold under a microscope. The examined site is moisturized with an immersion oil. Capillaroscopy is used for early diagnosis of vascular lesions.

Capillaroscopy is fully paid for by the patient.

How to prepare for your appointment

  • Do not cut your cuticles for 2 weeks before your scheduled examination.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly.
  • Remove any nail polish.

Patients who register for an examination which they will pay for are asked to go to the Reception Desk of the Specialist Outpatient Care Department (Elevator 3, 1st floor) to make the payment and provide the necessary data.

You should take your regular medications as usual on the day of your scheduled examination.

How to collect the results
The results can be collected directly after the examination.

Procedures are performed according to a schedule.

phone: 12 37 97 390


To cancel a scheduled appointment or outpatient procedure, please contact us:
phone: 12 37 97 390

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