Diagnosis and Treatment Department


Our highly experienced medical staff, state-of-the-art surgical techniques, and top-of-the-line medical equipment guarantee that we provide the highest quality professional medical services.

We provide an impressive range of surgical and outpatient procedures performed in operating rooms certified for compliance with the highest European standards, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment for minimally invasive procedures (laparoscopy, laser therapy, and endoscopy), and advanced patient monitoring devices.

Healthcare specialists, including on-duty anesthesiologists and intensive care doctors, deliver continuous medical care to safeguard patient safety and maintain high levels of quality and comfort in patient care.

The patient-centered and professional approach of our nursing staff cannot be overestimated.

We provide convenient accommodation during hospitalization in comfortable, neatly furnished rooms with en-suite bathrooms and unlimited Internet access.

Last but not least, we invest in the development of medical resources and new technologies to provide optimal treatment methods and fast recovery times.


We perform medical procedures in the following branches of surgery:

  • vascular surgery
  • general surgery
  • proctology and coloproctology
  • urological surgery
  • thyroid surgery
  • laryngological surgery
  • orthopedics and trauma surgery

Find out more about the medical procedures offered by the Diagnosis and Treatment Department

All procedures are fully paid for by patients.

Patient qualification for admittance to the Diagnosis and Treatment Department


Contact information: Hospital Building B, 1st floor
Head of the Department: Stanisław Szymanik, MD
Head nurse: Anna Stolarek, MSc

Registration Desk: 12 379 71 93

Physicians: 12 37 97 194
Head nurse: phone 511 614 011
Nurses’ station: 12 379 72 94
email: chjd@bonifratrzy.krakow.pl 

Bank account information for payments for medical procedures paid for by the patients:

BZ WBK SA 21 Oddział w Krakowie: 15 1500 1142 1211 4008 0216 0000


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