Welcome to the team of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God Hospital in Krakow

We are happy to welcome a new addition to our team—Michał Romaniszyn, MD, PhD—an expert in general surgery. Michał Romaniszyn specializes in general surgery, coloproctological surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery. He is an experienced medical practitioner in the diagnostics and treatment of bowel incontinence, from surgical methods to surgical sphincter repair, using the most advanced treatment methods for sphincter dysfunctions.

“In order to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes to my patients, I have been continuously expanding my knowledge by attending various training courses and workshops, including workshops dedicated to laparoscopic surgery,” declares Dr. Michał Romaniszyn.

Throughout his career, he has diagnosed hundreds of conditions and performed several hundred surgeries; he has also assisted with complex surgeries performed by the renowned professors of Collegium Medicum in order to gain new practical skills. Dr. Romaniszyn regularly attends annual scientific conferences in Poland and abroad, as well as surgical workshops (including in the role of co-organizer).

“I have participated in several research projects, and I regularly report my results at international and domestic scientific conferences,” Dr. Romaniszyn adds.

He is an accomplished researcher and has authored or co-authored papers published in dozens of Polish and international journals, over twenty review papers, and three textbooks on general surgery and coloproctology.

“In my daily practice, I always try to approach each patient individually, considering not only the underlying disease, abut also other ailments and other aspects in order to understand the patient as a person,” he explains.

Medical conditions treated
  • Anal fistula, including anal fistula secondary to Crohn’s disease
  • Anal fissure
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Fecal incontinence of various etiology (neurogenic, post-surgery, following sphincter injury, or postpartum),
  • Rectal prolapses, rectal intussusception, and rectoceles
  • Genital warts
  • Colorectal polyps
  • Pilonidal disease (lower back and pilonidal cysts)
  • Colorectal dysfunctions
  • Esophageal reflux and diaphragmatic hernia
  • Gallstones
  • Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, and post-surgery hernia
  • Management of chronic wounds
  • Skin defects (birthmarks, scar tissue, and bumps)
  • Varicose veins in the lower extremities
Certificates and distinctions
  • Award in the Medical Contest “Patient Laurel” [Laur Pacjenta] 2015–2016
  • Proctological surgery workshops, Ostrowia Mazowiecka 2018
  • Proctology workshops – “Surgical Techniques in Proctology,” Warsaw 2016
  • Co-organizer of practical training courses “Transanal Laparoscopic Surgeries – TEO/TEM” and “Endoscope-assisted Treatment of Rectal Fistulas – Fistuloscopy – VAAFT” as part of the 11th Symposium of the Polish Coloproctology Association, Katowice 2016
  • Training course “Diagnostics and Management of Proctological Conditions,” Krakow 2013
  • TEO (Transanal Endoscopic Operations) Workshops, Krakow 2012
  • ESCP Anorectal and Pelvic Ultrasound Course, Vienna, 2012
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Workshops – bariatric surgery, Wejherowo, 2011
  • Practical training in transanal microsurgery (TEO) with a rectoscope, Krakow 2008
  • Practical training in laparoscopic techniques, Krakow 2008
  • Laparoscopic surgery workshops – basic course, Krakow, 2008

Michał Romaniszyn, MD, PhD receives patients at the Specialist Outpatient Care Department, ul. Trynitarska 11, Kraków
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Register for an appointment!
by phone: 12 37 97 390

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Orthopedics at the Brothers Hospitallers Hospital in 2020

Author: Anna Szlama / 28.02.2020

The Brothers Hospitallers Hospital in Krakow delivers conservative and surgical treatment for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The extensive healthcare services are delivered by a recognized team of healthcare professionals, including Stanisław Szymanik, MD, Head of the Diagnosis and Treatment Department; Grzegorz Klauz, MD, PhD; Michał Latos, MD; and Michał Starmach, MD.

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